About Us

Running has been in my DNA for over 50 years now. I started progressing my way through the distances from fun runs to marathons with my family joining me on occasion. Knee injuries and surgery have curtailed the distance running but I still like to keep fit with cycling and shorter runs.

These days I like to stay involved by going along to numerous events around the country and engraving medals. My wife and I predominantly attend events around the South East but also like to travel further for worthy events. I have really enjoyed seeing the transistion from regular road events to obstacle courses and themed events. I also enjoy seeing that popularity of events continue as organisers keep introducing new ideas. Visit our upcoming events page to see where we will be next and come say hello.

We also offer a postal engraving service which can work in two ways. Either send your medal together with a stamped addressed envelope and we will return your engraved medal by post in under a week. Alternatively you can order a gold or silver plaque that we will engrave and send in the post. This can be attached to the back of your medal, or on a trophy. Have a look at our prices for more details.